3 Major Benefits of Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Since vents and air ducts aren’t something we usually check, it’s pretty easy to overlook. You’ll never know when it’s time for cleaning unless you take a look inside. Over time, it inevitably accumulates dirt and dust, or worse, develops mold and mildew.

As such, if you haven’t thought about calling professional air duct cleaning services in Minnesota yet, now could be a good time. Mountain Duct Cleaning cites three major benefits of having your air systems cleaned.

1. Clean air ducts decrease allergies.

There’s plenty of evidence from homeowners claiming their respiratory allergies lessened after quality air duct cleaning. Many homeowners attest to the difference in their home’s air quality, saying they notice their furniture has less dirt and dust.

Others also note that they no longer wake up with a stuffy nose after professional vent cleaning. National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) president Michael Vinick says people who have asthma or allergies should have air ducts cleaned annually.

Generally however, they recommend property owners to have their air ducts cleaned at least every three to five years.

2. It keeps hazardous air contaminants in check.

Thorough cleaning also gets rid of mold and mildew, which is potentially hazardous to you and your family’s health.

Even if your home or office building’s vents don’t seem dirty, these secluded areas could be housing contaminants that might trigger severe health problems for people with autoimmune conditions. To avoid any of these health issues, it’s best to have air ducts cleaned by a professional.

3. Air duct cleaning yields long-term energy savings.

Clean vents and air ducts allow you to save on energy bills. Based on research by the US Department of Energy, dirty air ducts cause heating and cooling systems to use more energy by 20–40 percent. This translates to higher electric bills for homeowners every month.

Clean and well-maintained heating and cooling systems work more efficiently without using more electricity. This allows you to maintain your property’s temperature without turning up the air conditioner or the heater.

Keep these three major advantages in mind the next time you need air duct cleaning in Minnesota. If you haven’t had them cleaned in a while, you should schedule it soon.