3 Things in Your Garage That Could Harm Your Family

House Garage Doors

If you have small children or elderly in your household, you should be more concerned with the safety and security of your home. There are many safety hazards hiding in your garage, and some are even hiding in plain sight. Here are some of them:

Your garage door.

Did you know that your garage doors could suffer from fatigue, too? Yes, and this can cause spring failure. On average, a garage door spring is designed for 10,000 cycles. That’s about seven years of proper usage. However, many other elements can cause your garage door spring to fail and lead to accidents at home. To avoid accidents, make sure to get your Utah home’s garage door serviced and replaced only by professionals.

Your gardening tools.

Sadly, around 6,500 people end up in hospitals because they got hurt by a lawnmower. Whether you have small children at home or not, it’s important to keep sharp gardening tools away from their reach. In fact, it’s best you don’t keep them in your garage. Rather, keep them in a separately locked tool shed.

Your painting materials.

Are you aware that over half of the kids in the U.S. are suspected to be suffering from lead poisoning? While there are measures being observed now, if small children ingest even the littlest amount of paint, it could still be lethal. It’s best to keep those paint cans and other paint solutions tightly closed and away from children’s reach. Clean your paint brushes after use and store them properly, too.

When you’re reviewing the safety of your own home, focus on your garage and make sure these safety hazards are well taken care of. It’s always better to invest in safety precautions than risk your family’s health and lives.