3 Ways to Prevent Ice Dam Formation in Your House

a home during the winter

Ice dams are a regular site in snowy areas, especially in Minneapolis. Although it’s much easier to hire ice dam removal services in Minneapolis, you can prevent ice dams from building up if you know how to tackle the problem. Here are a few easy steps on how to avoid ice dams from building up on your roofs.

Proper attic insulation

Ensure that your attic is insulated properly to stop heat from getting out through the ceiling. You should also keep the insulation sealed so that there won’t be any warm air leaking.

Air leak prevention

Check if there are any openings in the attic where warm air or heat can escape. You may try to check the caulking around the air pipes, chimneys and even exhaust fans. Also, watch out for any small holes that may allow a significant volume of warm indoor air to escape.

You also have to be mindful of all your combustion appliances for any combustible gas from reverse flowing, which can be dangerous to your home.

Good home ventilation

You can expand the number or size of attic, roof or soffit vents to allow proper air circulation. Always remember that both ridge vents and soffit should continuously run throughout the length of the house.

Ensure that you install proper insulation right on the exterior wall to help protect it from the air that’s coming through the soffit vents.

There will be times when ice dams can still form despite your efforts. So, ensure that you regularly monitor your roofs to see if there is any ice dam formation. So, it’s best to clear out the gutter for any debris to prevent water from accumulating. You may also remove ice dams before they get worse.