4 Noteworthy Styles for Home Builders

Homes should be, above all else, the most comfortable place you’ll ever be. It’s where you retreat after a long day of work or whatnot. You mustn’t forget that it needs to be stylish, as well. Choosing the architectural style of your first house need not be complicated. You simply need to be aware of your aesthetic inclinations and you’re good to go.

To help you get started on looking for new homes, rodrockhomes.com and other industry experts list the most popular styles out there:

1. The Mediterranean

The core elements of a Mediterranean home include stucco siding, low-pitched tile roof, patio or courtyard, and window and door arches. This style, borrowing directly from homes in Spain, Italy, and France, is quite detailed and boasts of intricate ornaments.

2. Neoclassical

This style takes inspiration from ancient Rome and Greece’s classical architectural. A portico flanked with high columns is its most recognizable element. Other noteworthy elements include side-gabled roofs and symmetrical shape. These houses are normally large and with multiple stories.

3. Colonial

This style got its name owing to how it’s inspired by the practical houses originally built in American colonies by early French, Spanish, English, and Dutch settlers. This brick and wood homes prominently feature double-hung windows, columns, and porticoes. They are normally in saltbox shape.

4. Contemporary

If you favor the new from the old, contemporary-modern architecture is your best choice. This house’s main features include large windows, flat or garbled roofs, open floor plans, and asymmetrical shapes. In any neighborhood, contemporary-modern homes never fail to stand out.

Whichever style you choose, the important thing is that it reflects your character. In the end, it is not supposed to be just about practicality and topnotch aesthetic; it should also be about your home staying true to what and who you are.