Building a Sunroom: Things to Consider

Some homeowners consider building a sunroom if they think their house limits them to stay indoors, especially during the winter season. The main function of a sunroom, also called as a solarium or a conservatory, is to level up the homeowners’ living room experience.

Like in any other construction project, it is important for homeowners to consider various factors first to maximize the use of this home extension to the fullest, especially if they plan to have a function room that they can enjoy any time of the year.

Choosing where to build the sunroom

Location is the biggest factor when building a sunroom, as it will determine how much sunlight will shine on the room and the frequency of homeowners’ stay here. Homeowners who are aesthetically inclined, however, may decide to have a sunroom built in any four sides of the home and simply use automated blinds to control the sunlight and increase the family’s privacy, experts at Conservatory Craftsmen note.

Another consideration is to make is the type of material to be used to build the room. The combination of tempered glass and wood could be pricey, but it often satisfies homeowners who prefer the elegance of classic design.

How much should homeowners prepare for a complete sunroom?

Sunroom construction price may vary depending on the design, materials, and location. A typical 15’x15’ sunroom could go from $15,000 to $22,000, or it could go higher if homeowners want a “four-season room.” Some sunrooms have radiant floor heating installed and a gas heater to warm family and guests during the winter season. For those who are on a budget, vinyl is the best option, as it could be easily maintained and lasts long.

Sunrooms are worth considering for homeowners who have gotten bored indoors every winter. Aesthetics should not be compromised, as there are always solutions available to achieve what homeowners want for enjoyable indoor living.