Built for Success: Details That Make Your House Stand Out

Couple looking around on their homeThe allure of buying a house with the idea of earning from it, whether through leasing or flipping, has grown significantly in the past years. With more people dipping into this business, you need to master the art of getting noticed.

Take a Good Look Around

Look at your prospective house and the surrounding area. Particularly when dealing with period-style homes, people can get caught up in modernising that they miss out on key characteristics that make the structure attractive. Find inspiration photos to help you decide which direction to take your build and take off from there.

The Value of Curb Appeal

Once you’ve identified the style you want, select a few interesting — and functional — architectural details to add to the exterior. Shutters, louvres, window or door trims, and a pergola (if you have the budget for it) can get people to give what you’re offering a second look.

When you’ve done this, start landscaping. Often, a clean and neat lawn will often suffice. The important thing to remember is that it should draw the eye towards the structure and highlight the features you’ve added.

Take It Indoors

Your interior should always match your exterior. Though some design elements may work seamlessly across two or more design styles, it’s best to stick to a specific theme or motif. This makes the design of your house cohesive and easy on the eyes.

Customise key elements of your build to make them stand out more. If you have a large stairwell, Ackworth House suggests working with a stair builder to create a more attractive staircase. This way, you can update its design without it interfering with the motif of the house.

Experiment with paint colours, textures, and fabric to highlight various architectural details. If you have interesting balustrades, highlight them by giving them a coat of paint or wood stain to help them stand out.

Do Your Research

Particularly for neighbourhoods that have historical significance, there may be limits as to what you can do with the house. Don’t forget to seek the appropriate permits for your build to make your project move as quickly as possible.

Making your house standout doesn’t have to be hard or that expensive. All you need is to do the right simple fixes and you’re good.