Common Fire Hazards You Can Find Around You

a firefighter trying to put out the fire

An estimated 400,000 homes catch fire each year in the US. As alarming as these figures are, most residents push the idea to the back of their minds in the hope that they won’t ever be victims. Fire, however, is something you should take with all seriousness.

Here are common areas to watch out for as fire hazards.

Laundry driers

Driers are known to overheat and blow up often. This is due to dirt that accumulates inside the small spaces of the drier. It is prudent to have your driers maintained and checked regularly for malfunctions even when they are still working.

This seemingly simple move can save your home from catching fire.

Faulty electrical wirings

A cracked power cord or a broken socket can create and release sparks that can catch on to highly flammable objects like carpets, plastic chairs, toys, and so on. Before you know it, the whole room is on fire, and soon you are looking for fire restoration services in Utah such as AAA Restoration.

Be careful and knowledgeable about how to use electrical devices safely to avoid this from happening.

Cooking accidents

Many are responsible for leaving the oven on too long or placing food on the stove to fry only to get carried away by a phone call or movie. The lucky few can snap back and remember they had something baking in the oven, but many end up incurring huge costs in fire damage when it is too late.

Timers and alarms go a long way in reminding you that you to check on your food and turn the cooking equipment off.

Fires can be devastating; the recovery process is the most difficult for those who are lucky to come out alive. It is of utmost importance for homeowners to remain vigilant and watch out for anything that may lead to fires and take immediate action to address the hazard.