Furnace Not Working? Here’s What to Do If You’re a DIY Repairman

Furnace Repair in BluffdaleFor the most part, furnaces are sturdy, reliable devices that don’t easily break down. But when they do, it’s important to get them fixed right away to ensure safety for yourself and your family.

Asking for the assistance of professionals like Airtime Heating & Cooling is always recommended. But, before you call up a furnace repair service in Bluffdale, it’s important to know that you can easily fix many of the most common furnace problems. All you need is some guidance and a tiny bit of elbow grease, or sometimes, none at all.

1. If Your Furnace isn’t Working

Check your thermostat. The majority of calls furnace repair pros get can be fixed simply by making sure the thermostat is turned to its “Heat” setting or the temperature is turned at least 5 degrees higher than the room temperature. You might also want to open the thermostat and check for dust or debris.

2. If Your Furnace is Working, But isn’t Heating up Enough

Make sure the filters aren’t dirty. If they are, replace them with new, clean ones. Also, check the registers and make sure they aren’t blocked by curtains or furniture. The blower could also be clogged, so take a look at it and clean it out if needed.

3. If your Furnace Keeps Turning On and Off

It’s possible that the motor or blower needs some lubrication. If your furnace’s motor or blower doesn’t have an oil port, the likely culprit is dirty filters. Check to make sure your filters are dust-free. Otherwise, it’s time to go out and get new filters.

4. If the Pilot Light won’t Run

It’s likely caused by a loose thermocouple, which you can easily tighten with a wrench. It could also be a clogged pilot orifice, which you can clear out by poking a thin piece of wire. Make sure to stay safe and shut off the switch and circuit breaker before cleaning the pilot orifice.

Unless you’ve never DIY-ed anything in your life before, these furnace fixes are pretty easy to do. The one instance where you should never attempt to do anything on your own is if you smell a gas leak.

If this happens, turn off your furnace immediately and get yourself and your family out of the house, with the door left open. Call the fire department and report a fire hazard and don’t go in until the authorities say it’s safe to do so.