Garage Door Maintenance: 3 Easy Ways to Do it Successfully

Garage doors are important parts of your home. You may not think too highly of them, but you use them every day. Here are some easy tips on how to keep them clean and properly maintained.

Give the moving parts some TLC.

All that opening and closing can take its toll on your garage door. The moving parts — latches, hinges, rollers, and roller tracks — can easily be damaged. If you encounter some moving difficulties, you can give these moving parts a good squirt of WD-40 or any penetrating solvent. Make sure you lubricate the pulleys and bearings, as well. In fact, it’s good practice to give your garage doors (and all its parts) a good wipe every now and then before lubricating the moving parts with oil or lubricant.

Use kerosene on stuck hinges and rollers.

Sometimes, the rollers and hinges can get stuck. If you encounter this problem, try using some kerosene to fix it. But first, try getting rid of any rush using a steel wool brush. Wipe it all clean before taking a small brush to apply some kerosene on the rollers and hinges. To get in there, try using an old toothbrush. Now, if there are any broken parts, replace them immediately. Quality Garage Doors and other experts recommend calling a garage door parts supplier in your area.

Make sure your garage door is weather-protected.

Your garage door faces weather elements everyday — sun exposure, rain, sleet, snow, and strong winds. Make sure they’re weather-protected, especially wooden doors. These garage door types often don’t have weather stripping. To address this problem, try adding weather strips on your own or call the pros to do it.

A little always goes a long way when it comes to maintenance. Consider these simple, but effective tips in keeping your garage doors clean and well-maintained.