Gardening Ideas: How to Build a Mediterranean Oasis

Mediterranean-inspired garden

There’s just something so quaint yet classic about Mediterranean style gardens. It’s that elegant and casual feel that makes them so popular. Whether you are looking to transform your garden to a Mediterranean haven or just want to add some simple touches to get that idyllic feel, here’s what you should consider.

The Plants

You can’t go wrong with lavender and other fragrant herbs such as thyme, sage, and rosemary. These are perfect for framing pathways or low walls.

If not, they go well contained in a herb garden. Of course, you can’t forget citrus and olive trees, which you could trim and set in large terracotta garden pots or planted directly in the soil for defining walls or pathways. They can also block out unpleasant views. You could use regal-looking Italian cypress as well to frame great views and to highlight different areas or doors.

Hard Landscaping

It’s all about using terracotta, natural stone, gravel, and rustic wood with ceramic tiles. Natural stone pavers are perfect for pathways and patios, while gravel could replace a portion or your entire lawn. Wood and terracotta are ideal for just about anything — from seating, flooring, and borders.

Garden Features

Since Mediterranean gardens are common for outdoor spaces, it’s vital that you incorporate areas for lounging and dining. A classic lattice, for example, not only brings height and structure but could also provide a place for growing fruit and flower climbers.

Courtyards are also common in Mediterranean gardens. Consider a gravel underfoot with an archway or trellis covered in creeping bougainvillea or wisteria. If you want a major statement, you could always bring in a huge fountain feature.

As long as you have all the key elements of an authentic Mediterranean garden — hardy plants, natural materials, and rustic features — you can’t really go wrong with how you tie them down to complete the feel you’re looking for. If done right, you’ll find that you could be transported to the Mediterranean in mere seconds when you step out the back door.