High-Tech Swimming: Developments of Australian Pools

Modern Swimming Pool

Technology constantly evolves, giving people higher levels of convenience than ever before. This can be seen in the evolution of swimming pool technology. Similar to the way artificial intelligence and computers are becoming more convenient to the public, swimming pools are becoming more comfortable for Perth home-owners.

Pool Heating Is More Sophisticated Than Ever

Environmental conservation and sustainability are a steadily rising trend, so more people are making the switch to energy-efficient products and materials. For Perth home-owners with a swimming pool in the yard, this means switching to energy-efficient pool heating solutions such as solar heating.

The pool heating industry seems to be on the constant lookout for solutions with minimal impact on the environment. So solar panels aside, geothermal heat pumps are an increasingly popular choice for heat generation.

Some pool heating systems now feature cooling functions that keep the water at a comfortable temperature once summer hits Perth.

Pool Facilitation Is More Accessible than Ever

Swimming pool technology evolves just as smart phones and other mobile devices do. In fact, the integration of the two has just made pools more high-tech than ever.

Perth home-owners may upgrade to a remote controlled swimming pool that they can control with mobile devices. These luxury pools enable you to adjust various features such as pool temperature and lighting with just one touch of a button.

Remote controlled pool facilitation means you don’t have to be at home to heat up the pool. The technology lets you adjust the pool temperature even when you aren’t home. As such, you no longer need waiting time; you can just change clothes and take a dip as soon as you get home.

The technology is as much about aesthetics as it is for functionality. It lets you adjust the lighting and turn on water features and enhancements with a tap of your finger.

Swimming pools have gone far from being just a hole in the ground filled with water. Modern pool heating and facilitation are evidence of this.