How Much Does Pool Construction Cost in the U.S.?

Swimming pool

Americans who want a swimming pool at home should be ready to spend an average of more than $22,000. If you live in Utah, for instance, a pool builder in Salt Lake City may charge you a different rate than a company in Provo. While fees vary based on where you live, Dolphin Pools & Spas noted that there are other factors that could make your project more or less expensive.

Pool Expenses

Depending on the size and scope of the project, it may cost you less than the nationwide average. A typical homeowner spends from $11,000 to around $35,000. In some cases, it may even cost up to $100,000 to build a swimming pool.

If you only want to fork out a decent amount, consider an above-ground pool instead of an in-ground type. The latter is more expensive since it requires more excavation work, hence the need for more materials and labor. However, you should choose an in-ground pool if you want to increase the value of your property and plan to sell it in the future.

Pool Maintenance

Some of the questions you should ask before a pool construction project should relate to how you’re going to maintain it. Take note that your expenses will not stop from just buying the required materials, or paying someone to do the labor.

Pool maintenance involves recurring costs, such as using heaters, chlorine, bromine, and pumps and pool vacuums. You can do this yourself, but it can be a tedious task that needs to be done every month. A professional can take care of this for you yet this would entail additional expenses.

Think carefully before adding a swimming pool to your home. It may be best to consult a pool builder before anything else, so you have an idea how much you need to spend on a project.