Insulation and Its Impact on Your Home

A home without proper insulation (or one that has old and worn out insulating materials) wastes as much as two-thirds of its heating and cooling energy. The losses just keep growing with the existence of drafty, old, or uncovered windows.

While you may not feel this right away as your furnace, boiler or air conditioner works just fine, you’ll notice the effects soon enough — through your higher-than-usual utility bills. The longer you delay addressing these issues, the greater the risk of your heating and cooling equipment failing prematurely.

Tried, tested, and proven solutions

A+ Insulation, home insulation authority in Kansas City, notes that many homeowners address their window concerns with energy-saving covers. These include shutters, blinds, films, drapes, or curtains.

Apart from this, you should also invest in quality home insulation materials. Doing so will help you make the most out of your measures to prevent energy wastage.

Energy and building experts’ recommendations

Insulation is more than just a luxury in your home. It’s a necessity. Even the United States Department of Energy points out its importance to any building construction.

With its installation, combined with good practices such as improving ventilation and correct air sealing, you can enjoy lower energy bills without compromising indoor comfort. To top everything off, you also reduce your impact on the environment.

Where insulation works its wonders

The attic is the best place to start installing insulation. Considering its location, it’s among the easiest places to do so. Also, an insulated attic offers more than just cost savings through reduced energy consumption — it allows you to maximize this part of your home.

Keep in mind, though, that the uses and benefits of insulation extend to many other areas of your home, such as the walls and plumbing. So, consider insulating these as well.