Know If You are Ready to Live in a Tiny House with these 5 Questions

Tiny House Movement Tiny House Movement is all the rage now, and you have quite convinced yourself that this is the best way to live. You have started to consult builders and contractors that specialise in narrow lot house plans. Just to double-check though if you’re ready to make the transition, try answering the following questions.

Are you set on not wanting to raise a big family?

Others may argue that even a big family can live in a tiny house. However, you need to be realistic. For a family of five or more, one bathroom is definitely not enough. Also, you need to give each and every member of your family his/her own space. Thus, if you are still on the fence about how big of a family you want to raise in the future, think harder.

Are you ready to downsize?

You will have to let go of a lot of things – clothes, appliances, equipment. You even have to choose wisely how you will equip your kitchen. It all comes down to the bare necessities, and you have to live the mantra, “less is more.”

Are you willing to give up the tub?

Letting go includes luxuries like your bath tub. You even have to learn how to shower and do your thing in such a tiny space. Are you ready to say goodbye to double sink and towel cupboard, and in some cases, even the bidet?

Are you a person who loves the outdoors?

Needless to say, you will not have a game room or a La-Z-Boy chair. You will have to find ways to entertain yourself at the great outdoors. Be prepared to be in awe by discovering what lies outside your four walls.

Are you committed to green and sustainable living?

Don’t make the mistake of moving into a tiny house just because it is “what’s in” today. You have to think of it as a lifestyle instead of a trend. Those who advocate tiny house living are bold enough to make other essential shifts to live healthier, care better for the environment, and find contentment in less material things.

If you are saying yes to all the questions above, then by all means, go ahead and make this very exciting change in your life. Nonetheless, even if your commitment is unwavering, it will still be nice to get in touch with people who are living it already to have a direct and an even better understanding.