Latest Innovative Building Materials for Modern Homes

Exquisite modern home

Everyone has their dream house in mind. The only way to turn your dream house into a reality is to build it from scratch. Most people think home construction is more costly compared to buying an already built house. This is however far from the reality.

Innovations and technologies in the construction industry have significantly changed home building. Custom home builders in Minnesota like Homes by Tradition use various technologies. These innovations reduce construction costs, are eco-friendly and reduce construction time. Here are some of the innovative materials currently used in modern home construction.

Insulated Concrete Forms

ICFs, as these forms are abbreviated, are stackable foam-concrete blocks that are reinforced using steel bars then filled with concrete. ICFs are incredibly sturdy and strong and offer excellent heat and sound insulation. These foam-concrete blocks can be used to build a durable and strong foundation to any building material.

Laminated Timber

This wood is also referred to as cross-laminated timber. It is renowned for its incredible compressive and tensile strength. Laminated timber is an eco-friendly and suitable alternative to hardwoods. It is available in different sizes and can even be custom-made for massive constructions. Laminated timber is also available in ready-to-use and pre-fabricated forms which can reduce the completion time of your building.


These innovative construction materials can help you save on air conditioning. Hydro-ceramics contain hydrogel bubbles that can store over 400 times their water volume. On hot days, the bubbles evaporate hence significantly decreasing your home’s indoor temperature. Hydro-ceramics are not only cost-efficient in construction but also in your long-term energy costs.

Green mix concrete consists of concrete mixed with recycled materials which enhance its performance and durability. The common add-ins include fly ash, concrete aggregates, fibers, and aluminum. Green mix concrete is relatively cheap and will reduce your construction costs while preserving the environment.