Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit: Top Things to Avoid

a man checking the air conditioning unit

Not maintaining your air conditioning unit and letting it gather all the dust can eventually take a toll on its function and performance. Sure, your AC might be working well today, but you never know when it will break down, especially if you do not follow certain measures to keep it clean and well maintained. cites some of the mistakes to avoid for your air conditioning unit.

Neglecting your Air Conditioning Filters

Changing your air conditioning filter at least once every three months is a must. If you are constantly using your unit and it is always turned on, then you should consider changing it at least once every month.

A dirty air conditioning filter can often result in poor air flow. Additionally, this can make your electrical bill 5% to 15% higher. Forgetting to change your filter can also make your unit break down easily. Filters are usually inexpensive, so be sure to replace it regularly to avoid adding unnecessary expenses to your bills.

Refusing to Have Your Unit Serviced

Failing to have your unit serviced at least once every year is a big mistake. You should allow a professional air conditioning contractor to maintain your unit annually to prevent breakdowns. Even if there is nothing visibly wrong with your unit, be sure to have it checked and serviced regularly.

Not Programming Your Thermostat

Most home-owners forget to adjust their thermostat before leaving the house. This can be bad for your unit and your bills. Having a programmable thermostat will allow you to raise the temperature during the times when you are not using it, such as when you are at work.

Follow these tips and your air conditioning unit will last longer than expected. Call your local HVAC contractor today and allow them to look at your unit immediately.