Planning to Build That Dream Luxury Home? Include These 3 Trending Features

Exterior of luxury villa

Luxury homes are selling faster than usual, according to CNBC. The media giant says that while sales are not as fast-paced as the rest of the market, it still beats last year’s pace for the segment.

Some of the reasons cited for the surge in demand are the lifestyle, hobbies, and collecting habits of the homebuyers. Although industry professionals cite various reasons, the effect is the same – heightened sales figures. These reasons are shaping trends and defining the features that developers include in the homes they build.

Many real estate developers and architects predict the continuous rise of eclectic features in luxury homes. Among them, elegance and pricey elements seem set to combine with nature and information technology to make luxury homes even more outstanding.

Here are some Phil Kean designs or elegant elements one might see in luxury properties:

Panoramic View Bathroom

It hardly gets better than this. Imagine a bathroom that gives a view of the entire mountainside. Alternatively, if the residence is in the city, then the skyline replaces the mountainside view. It is not just the view, as glass surfaces replace wood thus allowing light to reflect and create an atmosphere of spaciousness.

Home Stadium

This may sound strange (then again, maybe not) but home-based recreation is on the rise, according to luxury real estate experts. Ice-hockey rinks, irrigated regulation soccer pitches, and BMX pump courses are just a few of the home sports entertainment features in some contemporary luxury homes.

In-House Sauna

This is fast becoming a staple of luxury homes. Apparently, luxury homeowners see little need to travel outside to enjoy the sauna facilities elsewhere. According to practitioners, properties with a built-in sauna kit sells faster than those without it.

Facilities that once made a property luxurious seem to be outdated now and mundane in the contemporary real estate market. Nevertheless, whether in the quiet suburbs or the high-end avenues, shopping for luxury homes requires a distinct taste. Aside from states where you can find luxury residential architects, NYC boasts of a thriving community of specialty architects in this field.