Signs Your Home Has Drywood Termite Infestation

man spraying pesticide in a wooden cabinetSpring is finally here, and that means it’s also time to check the house and do some repairs. But what is home maintenance without calling for pest control services? Who knows, you might have unwanted guests in your home right now.

Warmer temperatures mean that pests, such as termites, are going to show up any time, so it’s best to be prepared. Here are signs you need to call for professional drywood termite control.


Drywood termites deliver their stools in the form of small pellets, which they regularly release from their nest through little kick holes. These egg-shaped pellets amass over time, creating a pile around the base of the infested wood. This is what experts call termite frass.

Compared to other wood boring creatures such as beetle larvae and carpenter ants, drywood termite frass is a lot tougher and harder in texture. This can cause costly damages to furniture, as well as your home’s foundation.

Porous Wood Surfaces

infested old wooden doorIn severe infestations, these pests will construct their galleries near the wood surface, causing weak and porous areas that can easily be punctured through. The hollow spots usually appear by themselves when the wood is extremely damaged.


Drywood termites frequently release their swarming alates. However, they are relatively smaller per batch compared to other kinds of termites like some subterranean species, which can swarm by the thousands.

Flying drywood termites can leave their nest during the daytime, depending on the species. They are rather inconspicuous and can easily be left unnoticed because only several gets expelled from each nest for every lot.

Do not wait until your home is teeming with termites. Once you see these signs, call the pest control experts immediately. Obtain at least three opinions and cost estimates for treatment from licensed companies, so you can make an informed decision and choose the best course of action for your situation.