Small Room, Big Demands: Making Your Small Space Look Bigger

Small Apartment

Living in the city requires you to follow its terms—the stress, the traffic jams, and the small apartment space. There is, however, something that you can do to address all three, but this article will focus on the latter.

Living in a small space can be uncomfortable, especially if you are living with others.  But that does not always have to be that way. Thankfully, some easy steps will help you make the most of what you have right now. Below are some of them.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Little did you know but a large portion of your belongings could be already cluttered. As such, you need to do some spring cleaning to do away with the things that you do not need anymore. Look into your cabinets and sell your surplus and old clothes via a garage sale. For the rest, you need to find a way to organise them if you want to keep them.

Choose Smaller Fixtures

Nothing will work if you use large fixtures for a small apartment. Learn to downsize. Let go of that tall dresser if it competes with your bed for space. Looking for smaller furniture should not be a problem, as there are furniture shops in Hong Kong that can cater to small apartment dwellers.

Make It Lighter

You cannot make your space bigger, but at least you can make it look like it. What you can do is paint your room in light colour. Place a big mirror on the wall to reflect the light, thus making your room much more spacious. Let the natural light in. Use thinner drapes to make your room look lighter and brighter.

Make your room look much roomier with these tips. You can always seek inspirations from interior design magazines and shows.