The Qualities of a Great Three Piece Sofa Set

New sofa set being deliveredAny carefully picked furniture in a home, especially a sofa, grabs the highest attention. Besides acting as the one piece of furniture on which most homeowners use as the centrepiece for their living room, having a sofa with the right style and design can enhance your living room’s functionality.

But what should you consider when shopping for the right three piece sofa set?


A sofa should have a properly constructed frame that is of durable materials. And while most sofa frames are either wood or metal, none of these matches beech. It will cost you more in maintenance cost when you buy sofas with frames of low-quality materials, such that you might have to shop for another set sooner than you think.

Shape and Design

Manufacturers make sofas in various forms. But many people love to buy furniture in a similar shape and design. While that may be a good factor to consider, it is advisable you get a sofa with an eye-catching design.

Stuffing and Filling Material

The materials that fill the sofa determine their look and cosiness. Foam-filled sofas are relaxing, but you have to plump them up daily so they could look plump and maintain their shape. Sofas with shape-retaining foam are comfortable and appear exquisite with little to no effort.


When acquiring a new sofa, the size of your room is a key factor you should consider. You do not need a sofa that is smaller or larger than your space. If you are working with a small space, choose a sofa that is light coloured to create an illusion of a large room.

A three piece sofa set is not only a decorative piece of furniture, but it is also a set that gives your living room character and uniqueness. Choose one that not only beautifies your house but also meets your design expectations and matches your décor style.