Visible Signs of a Deteriorating House Foundation

A house being built

A house being builtStructural defects usually surface a few years after your house is built. Often, you will see cracks on appearing on walls, on doorways, and sometimes even on the cemented flooring. More often than not, these are signs of weak home foundations.

Ensuring the integrity of your house must be your foremost priority as it could further deteriorate it left unattended. Home contractors like usually check for signs of deterioration first before deciding what kind of solution will be best applied. But you can help them expedite finding the problems, here’s how:

Indoor Signs

As mentioned earlier, cracks in the walls, doorways, and patios are the most visible sign of foundation problems. A break on the tiles may be typical, but if it sounded different like there’s something hidden beneath it, then there is a possibility that it is connected with the foundation of your house.

Many encounter problems with aligning door locks. But if you are unable to close the door because the door is hitting the door jamb, then it is worth calling the experts. The same is true if you are having issues trying to open or close the windows.

Outdoor Signs

Sometimes, you do not even need to see the cracks to conclude that there is a problem deep within the foundation of your house. Go outside and see if the edges of your house are level; if not, then there could be a problem. Usually, it is caused by the soil around the foundation. Check around and see if there are broken pieces of concrete.

While wall cracks normally show up after more than a decade, it should not be bigger than hairline cracks. Any crack that is wider than a quarter of an inch must be a concern. More importantly, if you see horizontal cracks, better contact a trusted contractor to reevaluate your home foundation’s integrity.