When is the Best Time to Move?

Moving in Denver

Moving in DenverColorado holds the fifth place as the most moved-to state, with Denver in the top spot as the most moved-to city. Meanwhile, the busiest month for the moving industry is June and the busiest day is July 31. Does this mean you should move during peak season?

Summer vs. Winter

On the one hand, it makes sense to move during the summer because you’ll have better weather. On the other hand, peak season will mean higher rates and fewer choices with movers. You may have a tougher time negotiating for fees since most companies will have more customers during the warmer season.

Winter is off-season, which means you can negotiate for lower rates. But it could be risky though with hazardous conditions during the snowy months. Movers have to deal with ice-covered roads, which can endanger their lives and your belongings. A professional moving company will strive for an efficient service so you get your goods on time. But if a blizzard hits the city, a good mover will not risk lives and send drivers on the road.

But if you must move during winter, choose your moving company well. A reliable moving company will inspect trucks for performance and safety before moving day. The company should also offer a backup plan if treacherous road conditions prevent travel on moving day.

Beyond the Weather

When scheduling your move, you also need to think about the items to bring to the new home. Some items need extra precaution, with temperature-sensitive goods requiring specialized packaging for protection. Also, lightspeeddelivery.com shares that some items, such as a piano and a hot tube, will need sophisticated equipment for proper handling.

Think about downsizing to manage an easier move. Do you really need to bring everything with you? When you eliminate some items from packing, you can actually save time and money. You don’t have to spend more than a day to pack your belongings, which will allow you to rent a small truck.

Whether you decide to move during the summer or winter, prepare well in advance, organize the packing without the stress. You also get enough time to request utility companies to connect power and water at your new home. And you can choose a better moving company and get better rates. All of this ensures you get a smooth moving experience — no matter the season.