When to Replace Your Existing Concrete Inground Pool with a New Fibreglass Pool

Swimming pool with a slide

A concrete swimming pool is a great addition to your Perth home. It looks appealing and keeps you refreshed on warm days. Over time, however, a concrete pool may require more of your attention and resources to maintain it. In this case, you may want to consider shifting to a fibreglass pool.

Concrete Pools Require Constant Care and Maintenance

In terms of swimming pool installation in your backyard, a concrete pool offers design flexibility. It may require a few months of on-site work before completion, but the outcome will be a fixture that showcases your dream design.

Great aesthetics come with a price, though. A concrete pool requires constant care and maintenance. As such, it may take more time and resources than you initially thought. Whether you don’t have the time to constantly clean up the pool or would rather not spend too much to maintain it, you may always opt for a fibreglass pool as a replacement.

The cost of a fibreglass pool in your Perth home is well worth it. Plunge pool provider Guardian Industries says the material lasts for many years, regardless of extreme conditions. The best part, probably, is that you don’t have to look after it as much as you would have to with a concrete pool.

Fibreglass Pools Are Relatively Low Maintenance

Some people think removal and backfill are their best option when they don’t have the time or resources to spare for concrete pool maintenance. Replacing it with a fibreglass pool, however, is just as good a choice—or maybe even better.

Fibreglass isn’t just a durable building material with an aesthetically pleasing surface. The non-porous material minimises algae and bacteria growth, which makes for easier care and maintenance. It may not even require resurfacing, making regular care simpler and more stress-free.

Additionally, the material heats up faster and retains heat for longer than concrete; as such, you may enjoy a warmer pool with less maintenance work if you switch to fibreglass.

Concrete pools and fibreglass pools each have their respective benefits. A concrete pool, for instance, may last for years to come. The maintenance could be a handful, though. Having said that, perhaps it’s time to consider switching to a fibreglass pool for your Perth home.