Why a Water Heater May Leak When Unexpected

Water Heater Repair in UtahWith a functional water heater, the comfort one would enjoy daily is incredible. Homeowners should not think about their water heaters only when they develop problems. One should schedule maintenance service for the appliance even when it seems to be operating properly.

It’s not a good thing experiencing a chilly stream of water and poor pressure in your morning shower. Of all the problems that a water heater can develop, leaking is the most devastating. But, why could cause a water heater to leak? Read on.

Excess pressure

When too much pressure accumulates inside the tank, the water heater will begin to leak, says Beehive Plumbing. The excess pressure causes water leakage to reduce the pressure building up in the tank. The pressure in the tank increases when the water temperature in the water heater is too high. Moreover, if the pressure in the exterior water supply is high, the water pressure in the water heater will also increase, leading to leaks. Pressure may also buildup in the hot water heater if the temperature pressure relief valve is defective. This would also cause the water heater to begin leaking.

Drain valve

Any water heater with a loose or damaged drain valve will definitely leak. The amount of water that leaks from the water heater will depend on how loose the drain valve is. One should take a wrench and try to tighten up the loose drain valve to stop the slow leaks. The leaking problem may aggravate if you over tighten the loose drain valve. Once you feel the drain valve is snug, you shouldn’t tighten it further.

Old tank

Most water heaters are designed to consistently supply hot water for many years. However, corrosion and rusting become unavoidable as the water heater gets to the final stage of its life cycle. Aggravated corrosion causes the water heater to begin leaking out water. If you don’t replace the old water heater once it begins leaking, you risk experiencing a complete failure.

While it’s true that water heaters are designed to be used for a long time, they at times develop problems that cause serious issues such as leaks. All that a water heater needs is good maintenance and care for its increased performance.