Why Smart and Green Homes Make Use of Attic Insulation

In many parts of the US, insulating residential properties is just as important as insulating commercial buildings. The primary reason for this is to keep things cozy and comfortable indoors, especially considering the country’s climate conditions.

A+ Insulation, a Kansas-based attic insulation expert, knows that your home is one of your biggest, priciest investments. You want to ensure that it maintains optimal indoor temperatures at all times.

You might think that your heating and air conditioning systems can do the trick, and indeed, it will, but at a heavy cost. This said it’s time you consider investing in insulation materials for attics.

Why the attic?

The attic is one of the first areas of a building homeowners should insulate. This is true for several good reasons, the primary of which, however, is its location – directly under the roof.

This then basically makes it the first layer that receives the greatest brunt of the heat from the sun, coolness and moisture from the rains, as well as cold from the snow.

What happens to a home without attic insulation?

Without insulation in your attic, the heat flow within your home speeds up considerably, resulting in significant heat gains during summer and losses during winter. In layman’s terms, this means ineffective heating or cooling from your HVAC system, causing it to work harder and use up more energy.

Ultimately, this increased energy consumption leads to higher utility bills.

The bottom line

All in all, insulation works wonders for making your home cozier and more comfortable. With today’s ever-increasing energy costs, having an insulated home can make a huge difference in your monthly utility-related expenses.

As a bonus, the reduced stress on your heating and air conditioning equipment also allows them to work more efficiently, saving you more money on repairs and replacements.