Wooden Stairs and Ways to Maintain Them

A flight of wooden stairs

Whether it is tucked near the wall or is the centrepiece of your house, staircases play a crucial part in completing your home. Thus, it is as important to have it well kept and aesthetically pleasing as much as you do with the other parts of your home.

Maintaining a staircase would depend on which type of material it is made from. When it comes to classics such as wood, more care and maintenance might be needed. Here are some ways you can care for wooden stairs throughout the changing New Zealand weather.

Wooden stairs maintenance guide

  1. Regular cleaning

Simple cleaning such as sweeping your staircase on a daily basis can make a whole lot of change. Vacuuming it and immediately removing wet spots and stains before the wood soaks it up are just some of the simple things you can do to make sure that your wooden staircase is well kept.

  1. Mold prevention (and removal)

Molds can be prevented by making sure that your home is at a balanced temperature. This prevents moisture from forming and eventually from having moulds in your staircase. Once you see that moulds are starting to grow, home remedies like bleach and water often do the trick.

  1. Damage prevention

One of the most effective ways to prevent damage and scratches in your wooden staircase is through regular polishing and waxing. The right wax adds a layer of protection to your wooden staircase thus making it harder for slight scratches to penetrate deep into the surface.

  1. Joints and treads

Old staircases will creak due to old and rusty screws and joints. Make sure it is regularly oiled or replace. Do not put off fixing loose joints and treads as well as other supporting foundations of the staircase, doing so means putting your safety at risk.


Maintaining your wooden stairs might take quite some work and time, but regularly taking care of it can problems from further arising in the future.