5 Things You Should Never Put in Your Trash Can

Trash bins full of trash

If your goal is to de-clutter your space or revamp your home, there are high chances that you’ll need dumpster rental services. While you may be having much to dispose of, not everything should go into roll-off containers in Denver because they pose an environmental hazard if not handled in the right manner.

Some of the items you should never put in your trash can include:


These are among the highly produced items around the globe. Electronics contain toxic substances, and they don’t degrade fast. So, they end up filling landfills after disposal. It’s better you look for ways to recycle your e-waste into useful items.


These contain acids and mercury, both of which are harmful to handle. Modern ones have more chemicals and need special handling.


It’s not advisable to reuse old paint in a new project, hence the need to discard any leftover in the store. Leftover paints and solvents contain oils and other chemicals, which can contaminate soil and water sources.


Although it’s safe to spray pesticides around your lawn, the pesticides are harmful. When you use them in large quantities, they can even pose a health hazard to human life.

Cleaning Agents

Although these make cleaning easy around the home or office, it’s crucial that you note that some contain toxic substances. A general rule when dealing with chemicals is if you can’t tell whether they’re harmful or not, read the contents that go into the product and do your research. Most of the chemicals require safe disposal following the instructions in the manual.

You need to be keen on everything you put in your trash can. Disposing of cleaning agents, pesticides, electronics, and other similar items is dangerous to the environment and human life.