A Guide to Purchasing a Mattress Based on Your Sleeping Position

a woman comfortably sleeping in a bed

You might think that replacing your mattress is as easy as going to the store and finding the one that feels right, but it’s not quite as easy as it seems. With hundreds of models to choose from, finding the right mattress in Salt Lake City can be confusing. What some may recommend with flying colors may leave you with a sore body after one night. So, how should you choose a mattress that’s good for you? Your sleeping position might give you some insight.

Side Sleepers

People who sleep on their side require a surface that offers maximum pressure relief while sculpting to their body and supporting their weight. A fluffy topper or cushy memory foam may be the best for them. Mattresses with inner springs can provide more pressure relief than latex or foam mattresses.

Stomach Sleepers

If you find comfort sleeping on your stomach, then the last thing you need is an enveloping memory foam mattress, as it could only smother you. Instead, choose a bed with a solid top surface that will give you the most support. For this, latex, innerspring or air-filled mattresses are your perfect choices.

Back Sleepers

If you belong to this category, then you need something that falls somewhere in the middle of the previous two. Your mattress should support your back well, but it should be soft enough to keep your spine well-aligned. You’ll actually find comfort with any mattress type, so long as it’s neither too soft nor too hard.

A bad mattress will ruin the sleeping experience for you, leaving you with back problems and sleepless nights. When getting your mattress, make sure to lie down on the bed for a few minutes to see how your body fits on the bed, and how the bed will respond to your body weight.