Are You Actually Killing Your Refrigerator?

Refrigerator in a Modern Kitchen

Your refrigerator is one of the most used appliances at home. Its doors open and close — and a lot of times, with a bang — many times in a day. While these extremely crucial machines can last for years, improper use — combined with the lack of maintenance — can quickly give way to damages and breakdowns.

It’s extremely important that you contact a professional Salt Lake City fridge repair service as soon as you notice that something’s wrong with it. However, it still pays to know what may have caused the issue, so that you can prevent it from happening again.

Stuffing it to the brim

All refrigerators have a certain weight capacity, which you will find in the user manual. This number refers to the number of items you can store in the equipment. Go beyond this, and you can expect your fridge to develop problems soon. Aside from fluctuating temperatures, exceeding the capacity also puts an unnecessary additional load on the compressor motor.

Using sharp of pointed tools to take something out of the freezer

In your haste to take something frozen and stuck at the bottom, sides, or ceiling of the fridge, you use sharp or pointed objects to remove it. This isn’t just bad for your fridge or freezer, it’s also extremely dangerous, as the knife may break and cause injuries like cuts and lacerations. Poking a hole in the freezer will cause it to malfunction. Those punctures will lead to temperature fluctuations, resulting in food spoilage and a complete waste of your money.

Any normal household can’t function without a good fridge, and leaving the problem unresolved can result in massive food wastage. Besides, you definitely don’t want to suffer from serious inconveniences of not having easy access to cold drink.