Bamboo Sheets: One of the Sleep Industry’s Secrets

Nothing on this earth beats a good night’s sleep. Most people are willing to spend a large sum so that they can get some shut-eye. Studies even suggest that frequent lack of sleep may lead to criminal behavior years later. 

Losing sleep slows down the brain’s cognitive function, making it difficult to focus. Likewise, sleep strengthens connections between brain cells, which leads to events being easily remembered.

Getting enough rest is the sleep industry’s goal. Because of this, many technologies have now emerged to fight prolonged wakefulness. For example, cloths are now being manufactured from bamboo. Requiring less water to manufacture, bamboo cloths are very sustainable. Cozy Earth, the manufacturer of the best luxury bamboo sheets, have been producing bamboo also because of its environment-friendly properties.

Discoloration, Shredding, and Pilling

Wear and tear of cloths lead to frayed edges and shredding. Also, it is challenging to remove stains, especially from cotton. Cloths made of bamboo are resistant to stains and discoloration. Because of this, fewer bed bugs would want to inhabit bamboo beddings. Also, because of its long-fiber cloth, it does not pill easily.


Unlike growing cotton which uses pesticides, no toxic chemicals are used in growing bamboo. Also, no harmful chemicals are also used in the production of cloths made from bamboo. Because of this, most bamboo cloths are hypoallergenic. Further, the processing of bamboo fibers recycles water.

Shifting temperature

Bamboo cloths are also temperature-regulating. It wicks moisture, making the body considerably less humid. Because humidity is less, moisture-loving bacteria will not survive. Moreover, less humidity cools the body down to a comfortable temperature.

As a product of today’s technology, sleeping with soft and sturdy cloths lulls us to sleep. But live streaming and social media keep us awake. However paradoxical technology may be, sleep is still one of the greatest rituals of our lives.