Basic Types of Gas Fireplace

a man installing a fireplace

Gas fireplaces can make any room feel cozy during the winter season. It’s also a great source of heat, especially when the power goes out. In fact, there’s a wide array of options, meaning you can easily find the perfect unit for your home.

Comfort Solutions outlines some of the best types of gas fireplaces.

Factory built

Factory built or otherwise known as zero clearance unit is usually installed during a construction or renovation project. These fireplaces are regulated to ensure that the entire building is compliant with the applicable engineering codes and standards.

Freestanding logs

You can have a unit of logs in a converted wood burning fireplace. Home experts explain that a gas line is installed to enable it to flow to the logs. This process results in open flame burns, which are identical to a wood-burning fire, but with a screen or fireplace face that helps enclose the flames inside. It looks great inside the family room or the living room.

Gas insert

Gas insert converts an existing wood burning fireplace with a single box that’s vented up and connected to the existing chimney. The box contains the flame and is enclosed with a screen and glass pane in front to prevent the fire from getting out. It also has built-in fans that create an additional effect that makes it look real. It helps heat the room as well.

Choosing the right gas fireplace can make your room’s aesthetics and overall design stand out. It also creates a feeling of warmth and coziness at the same time. You may want to check your supplies from a reputable seller to get the right design for your house.