Don’t Struggle on the Stairs: Get a Stair Lift

A house's staircase

When accidents in your home’s staircase become common, it could be a sign that it’s time to get a stair lift. These motorized lifts give you access to every part of your home and grants you the independence you want.

Stair lifts can transport people up and down their stairs at the push of a button, making getting around the house effortless. Some stair lifts are designed to transport wheelchair users too.

Why Get a Stair Lift?

People choose to install an Acorn stair lift in Denver because their mobility is impaired due to the normal aging process, the effects of arthritis, or have a disability. People who have had surgeries may find that a stair lift makes life easier. Those who have had joint replacements could also benefit from a stair lift.

Older adults who may experience mobility issues also find them invaluable. They may find it impossible to carry things at the same time as climbing the stairs, but with a stair lift, they can easily manoeuvre things like laundry and children’s toys.

Features of a Stair Lift

Denver suppliers have Acorn chair lifts with these great features:

1. The track fits easily to the stairs. The user doesn’t have to make any structural alterations to their home.

2. The slimline seat can be folded away when not in use.
The seat is a swivel seat that is easy to use. Once it’s locked into position, it provides a barrier at the top of the stairs, minimizing the risk of falling.

3. They have mains that can be operated and have rechargeable batteries so that the lift will continue to work in the event of a power cut.

4. They are fitted with sensors that will detect objects on the stairs and prevent damage to the lift. They also have seatbelts fitted for extra safety.

Stair lifts give people with disabilities and the elderly access to their whole house for elderly or disabled people. They prevent falling and have several features to help users get around their home independently and safely.