Enjoy Swimming in Your Pool Year-round with a Pool Heat Pump

indoor heated swimming pool

Heating a pool is not as simple as it may sound. There are calculations needed in order to correctly sizing the heat pump to the pool. The heater and pump capacity should be calculated according to the amount of water in the pool. When it comes to pool heating, Pool Heat Pumps Perth explains why pool heat pumps work the best.

It’s Like Refrigeration, Only Backwards

What pool heating does is it uses the ambient hot air around the heat pump to cool down a refrigerant in the coils. This forces an exchange in temperature within the coils, where one is cold and heat is flowing through another. The hot air in the coils passes through a condenser, which then collects the heat with the use of pool water. The heated water is returned to the swimming pool as filtered watered. This method has been proven to be better than gas heating, where fuel is burned to heat the water. Although solar pool heating is popular you have to remember that when there’s no direct sunlight your heating efficiency drops. One way to alleviate temperature drop at nighttime is to cover your pool with a solar pool blanket. This can also save on pool heating cost.

Year-round Enjoyment

Swimming is a popular activity in Australia. If the people cannot go to the beach to swim, then let the swimming come to their home. This is the country that invented the Australian crawl, which has since been called the freestyle. Swimming is part of the heritage, and the Australian identity.

Having a heated pool allows family members to swim at any time of the day – or year. A heated pool also has health benefits as it aids in muscle recovery and provides pain relief. Studies have shown that exercising in warm water helps decrease joint pains. It also makes the muscles looser while enhancing their flexibility.

Home pool heating is an investment in health and well-being; the year-round fun is just a massive bonus.