Essential and Comfortable Features for Your Elderly’s Granny Flat

a senior woman having coffee with a girl

Your home might be a great place for your family to live and rest in, but some might not agree with that. The elderly in a modern structure might find it too much for them to handle. Hence, it might be a good idea to construct a granny flat for them with senior-friendly features. Here are the most fundamental ones that you’ll need to include:

Technology and Devices

Technology can be handy for the elderly, but some consider a lot of it overwhelming. All devices for use in a flat, such as lights and thermostats, should not be too complicated to understand or use. Install only the essential switches and buttons. If possible, provide them with remote controls that are easy to handle. You can also consider using voice control technology and senior-friendly sockets. Don’t forget to add a TV and a radio set that are fit for the elderly as well.

Handles and Rails

For the elderly, even the simple act of standing or walking can be difficult due to their weak bones and sore joints. Rails and handles installed in transportable homes or granny flats are essential. Find strategic places for them, such as bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms. Choose models that are sturdy enough to provide a good amount of support. While you’re at it, set up senior-friendly doorknobs, taps, and shower knobs to complete the features of your granny flat.

Ramps and Floors

For seniors who use wheelchairs and canes, ramps and slip-resistant floors are a necessity. Make sure to install this kind of flooring in the kitchen and bathroom areas. If you can afford a walk-in bathtub where they won’t need to climb in, then invest in one. Ask your builders to install rails along the ramps as well so that your elderly can remain mobile and comfortable at the same time.

The seniors in the family have already gone through much and are still experiencing challenges in their lives. It wouldn’t be too much to give them some comfort while at home, right? Keep these features in mind and discuss them with your chosen granny flat builders.