Exterior Home Painting: DIY or Pro?

If you’re thinking of painting the exterior of your home all by yourself, you could be taking on a bigger task than what you may have realised. While most people think that painting is an easy project, there is more to it that than just applying a liquid coating with a brush. Apart from buying the paint, it requires a considerable amount of effort and skill to accomplish the job successfully.

If you’re still torn between DIY exterior painting and hiring a pro, gavinchandecorators.co.nz and other painters share are a few things you need to consider:

Size and Shape of the House

In the case of a small one-storey ranch house or simple accessory dwelling, you may find the job not much of a big challenge. With bigger homes or those with two storeys or more, however, the task may go out of hand. This is also the case for tall houses or those odd shapes. Hiring pro painters mean that there will be a number of crew members who have the right skills and equipment to get the job done.

Age of the House

Older houses or those with some sort of historic preservation need special care. It is not just advisable to use any type of paint, as it can ruin the property. You should also take into consideration that some older homes may have lead paint, which can be dangerous to remove without proper equipment. If you own a century-old house that needs a paint job, it is best to trust experts.

Houses with Unusual Angles and Dormers

Customised or unusually-styled houses may be too much to handle even if you consider yourself an expert DIYer. This is true for mansions and Victorian-style houses or those with plenty of unusual angles and dormers to deal with. Professional painters can tackle these challenges quickly with ease and complete the job within a reasonable timeframe.

It’s normal to get excited or have the feeling of being “up for the challenge” at the thought of painting your house’s exterior. You should realise, however, that in order to have quality results, adequate research and prep work are required. Not all the homeowners have enough time to do this, which can delay the project for months or years.