Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas You Can Use

Family near the fireplaceWhether you own a modern or traditional house, there is a high chance that a fireplace mantel is a place of importance for you and your family. It can hold family pictures, festive holiday decor, or a cherished family antique. Fireplace mantels vary highly in design and likewise vary in age. Here are a few good design ideas if you are thinking of modifying your fireplace mantels.

1. Go classic with antique fireplace mantels

The fireplace was once the center of the home as it served as cooking area and source of warmth for the family. Often the fireplace mantel was used to display a family’s precious memories as well as their heritage. Going for antique fireplace mantels will lend a regal air to your space. Complement it with other vintage items such as old photographs, books, or elegant candelabras.

2. Less is more

A more modern take on the fireplace mantel is the subtle and chic minimalist design. When using this design approach, it is best to stick with your home’s color scheme. It is also best to choose materials steel and stone to give it a modern look. The less intricate the design you incorporate, the better it appeals to minimalist aesthetics.

3. Reveal rustic roots

The country has a special place for the fireplace. You can choose to have a rustic country atmosphere in your home when you choose a fireplace mantel that incorporates timber, clay, and stone. You can also use twigs, wreaths of dried grass, as well as pinecones and other country items.
The fireplace always has a special place in both modern and traditional homes. Take a look at these three design ideas to inspire you when remodeling your very own fireplace mantel.