Furnace Problems: Why You Should Always Take Them Seriously

a man checking the gas furnace

If there is one thing in the house you need to take good care of, it is the furnace. Your furnace ensures that you and your family stay comfortable even in freezing weather. On the other hand, a defective furnace can be inefficient, costly, and even dangerous.

Tragic Accidents

In November 2009, there was an explosion in Salt Lake City caused by an unrepaired furnace. The ensuing fire caused almost 80,000 dollars in damage and left a 50-year-old man badly burned and in critical condition. Though explosions and fires get the headlines, carbon monoxide poisoning poses the bigger risk. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are more than 400 fatalities related to carbon monoxide poisoning each year, and more than 20,000 require visits to the emergency rooms.

Signs to Watch out For

If you smell gas, shut down your furnace, open your windows, and try to turn off your furnace’s gas supply valve. Do not turn on the lights or light any matches. Just leave your house and call a technician. Experts at All Hours Plumbing and HVAC know that unnatural noises or water pooling around your furnace can also mean that your furnace needs some servicing. Weak air or cooler air compared to your thermostat settings is also a sign of potential problems.

Turn to the Experts

Do not try to install or fix your own furnace. Most incidents involving furnaces are caused by improper installations. Saving up on money can cause you a trip to the hospital or worse. Professionals can make sure that your furnace is installed or repaired properly, making it run as efficiently and safely as possible. Therefore, call in an expert if you see signs of problems with your furnace.

Furnace safety is no joke. Get a carbon monoxide detector and always look for the warning signs of potential furnace problems. Once you confirm the signs, call in an expert to fix those problems.