Important Repair Considerations for Drywall Mishaps at Home

Man fixing drywall

A drywall mishap need not be a complicated issue. All you need is a utility knife, sandpaper, joint compound, and a sheet of drywall, plus a few other items. DIY repair is a good option if you have the knowledge and skills and necessary tools on hand. You can save money on repairs this way.

But if the problem is complex enough, an experienced handyman in Ottawa is your best choice. Here are the things you must consider when hiring a professional to deal with your drywall problems:

When is licensing work necessary?

small hole in the wall is not a huge problem, especially if you already have the necessary tools to patch it up. The mud and mesh approach is easy to learn, and you can do it by yourself. If there is more than one hole and the structural integrity looks compromised, then it requires an entire drywall sheet as a replacement.

Do not resort to cutting out drywall sections in these situations. These repairs do not require additional paperwork or permits. Some types of repair are not as straightforward as they seem. Drywall work that involves a load-bearing wall requires licensing in some provinces.

Drywall repair costs

How does it sound when the repair crew informs you that each wall on the wall costs from anywhere between $75 and $100? Consider the estimates provided by at least three contractors before settling for a handyman. Moreover, understand that the cost varies depending on factors, such as the location of the hole, the presence of electrical wiring or plumbing lines behind the wall, and whether the workers need to move or haul furniture out of the way.

Special considerations

When doing drywall repairs—whether DIY or by local installation experts, safety is the most important consideration. First on the list is the weight of the wall to be installed, which many people underestimate. Doing so could get someone hurt. Another consideration is the dust clean up to avoid respiratory problems.

If you think you can’t handle the job, you must hire a contractor for drywall repair. Leave complicated repairs to the experts because they can do the job better than anyone else.