Indiana Seeks More Skilled Workers as Demand Grows

Two Skilled Workers Collaborating

Two Skilled Workers CollaboratingIndiana wants more skilled laborers as part of its workforce, as evidenced by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s efforts to boost the number of workers in the trade and service industries.

As demand increases for mechanics, electricians, and plumbing services in Indiana, the department wants to make sure the available jobs align with the number of qualified people. A-Plus Plumbing, Heating & Cooling agrees with this. The campaign takes place as the state’s jobless rate improved in June for the fourth month in a row.

Job Promotion

Steve Braun, commissioner of the workforce development, said that a statewide campaign has been ongoing to provide skilled job hunters with information on their chosen field. More than just a stopgap solution, Braun believes that the initiative will benefit the economy as well.

The department seeks more skilled workers due to more than 283,000 jobs that will be available by 2027. It estimated the figure from annual surveys of more than 10,000 companies in the state. The projected numbers of jobs will not require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree, although they should have more than a high school diploma.

Encouraging Employment

As much as 6,515 people found work in Indiana in June, which brought the unemployment rate to just 3%. If the current pace of hiring continues, the state may once again record a 2.9% jobless rate like it did in October 2000. During the past year, unemployment in Indiana declined by 1.5 percentage points to become the second best jobless rate improvement behind Wyoming’s 1.6 percentage points.

Still, Braun said that these figures should not serve as a reason for complacency, especially since Indiana will need to have more skilled workers to meet an expected growth in demand in the future.

The unemployment rate in Indiana has reached a near-record low figure. As demand for skilled workers increase, will you consider applying for a new job in the near future?