Levels of Water Damage on Properties

Criteria of water damage

The most disastrous thing you might deal with is water damage. Though you might institute various changes in your property to minimize water damage, there are some situations which are beyond your control. Regardless of the extent of your damage, professional remediation is imperative.

The primary determinant of the remediation’s success and how much a water damage restoration company in Sandy may charge for its services is the damage’s extent. The extent of water damage is classified into levels. Here are these levels.

Level 1 and 2 Damage

These two levels are the minimum water damage amount. In level one, your property suffers little to no water absorption of soft materials and only a small space is affected. In level two, water damage affects one room.

The water height in level 2 damage is not more than 24 inches, and water intrusion in porous materials is 5–40%. Both level one and two water damage can be quickly remedied with prompt, professional intervention with minimal harm to your property.

Level 3 Damage

In this level, water damage affects over 40% of your building. Level 3 water damage typically results from overhead pipe bursts and collapsed roofing and impacts the safety of a property’s occupants. DIY remediation and drying will only cover the magnitude of the situation and eventually make your building unsalvageable.

Level 4 Damage

In most cases, level 4 damage causes total loss of your property since it compromises its foundation’s integrity. This damage is generally caused by severe weather elements including hurricanes and floods.

Water damage restoration experts might recommend ventilation and drying if your structure’s foundation is intact. The process, however, takes considerable time.

The levels mentioned above are not only used by water damage restoration experts but also by insurance companies for assessment. These levels might seem easy to assess and classify your property’s damage. Only a professional can determine the exact level.