Make Bath Time a Bliss With a Walk-In Tub

walk in wooden tub

If joints are sore, it is difficult to get in the bathtub. And if you’ve fallen trying to exit the tub, bathing can be a fraught time. You can make it a pleasure again with an accessible tub. Osteoarthritis, cerebral palsy and other conditions that affect the joints can make bathing painful.

Climbing over the side of the bathtub, finding a comfortable way to sit in the tub and safely getting out without falling can be challenging. Discomfort or previous falling accidents can put people with limited mobility off bathing. They may resort to washing at the sink or hiring a home care aide to help them.

Many people are uncomfortable with having someone else help them with this most intimate task and would prefer to maintain their own independence.

There is a solution – accessible tubs

Bathtubs for disabled people such as those offered by firms such as Heavenly Walk In Tubs have easier access points. They come with side-opening door access that eliminates the need to step over the tub. If completely flat access is required, some models have drop-down panels for obstruction-free transfer into the tub.

If it hurts too much to sit in the bath, walk-in tubs have a seat so that bathers can sit comfortably and enjoy their bath. Some feature heated seat pads to keep them warm while the bath is draining.

Accessible tubs versus showers

Accessible tubs have several advantages over flat access showers or wet rooms. It’s possible to soak in the water with a tub which is more soothing for painful joints. They take up less space than a shower and no remodeling or expensive plumbing is required to get one.

Accessible tubs can be portable and could be moved to any room with a faucet. They’re great for use in guest rooms when a disabled guest comes to stay. They can also be moved if the homeowner moves house.

Disability can make bathing a challenge but with a walk-in tub, getting in and out of the tub is easy. Relax in comfort and security with an accessible tub.