Minds in Bloom: The Value of Campus Landscaping on Students

Beautiful campus landscaping

One might remark that the only function of great campus landscaping is to improve curb appeal. And, in fact, schools do invest in commercial grounds care in a bid to be featured in the list of the most beautiful campuses. Good publicity, after all, projects the image that the institution values the students’ environment.

Campus landscaping, however, goes beyond aesthetics and school image; it affects the well-being of enrollees and students in various ways, too. By attracting enrollees, improving grades, and ensuring safety, campus landscaping becomes a vital part of every student’s life.

Great Landscaping and Its Part in Campus Choice

Campus landscaping has a profound effect on campus choice, says Phillip Waite, an assistant professor at the Washington State University. In fact, about 62% of students said they chose a school based on its appearance alone.

Thus, expectations on campus grounds are high. For schools not to be left behind, Waite recommends investing in quality commercial grounds care. South Boston, for example, boasts a great number of beautiful campuses that more than keep up with students’ expectations.

Effect of Campus Grounds on School PerformanceBeautiful campus landscape

Green spaces improve a student’s grades, as suggested by a study at the University of Michigan. More trees and shrubs are linked to higher test scores, graduation rates, and intentions of attending college.

Researchers suspect that the vegetation absorbs carbon from the air, making it cleaner for students to breathe in. Moreover, green spaces reduce the city noise and stress, as well as provide more opportunities for physical activities. A campus with good grounds, therefore, is more conducive to learning.

Great Landscaping for Increased Student Safety

One way a school makes its grounds safe is through quality landscaping. Regular pruning, for example, ensures that plants do not overgrow and obstruct vision. A maintenance crew spots and gets rid of dangerous holes or pests. Moreover, a proper irrigation system helps manage rainwater and prevent it from pooling in sidewalks and entryways.

Take note, however, that these advantages bank on good landscaping services; no matter how good the plans are, poor execution prevents a school from reaping the benefits. An experienced contractor checks the grounds for the optimum design, creates an appropriate maintenance plan, and makes sure that the grounds are in their best shape. With professional commercial grounds care, a school gives its student body a safe and conducive haven for education.