Money-Saving Tricks to Keep Your HVAC Efficiently Working

HVACJust as much as you care about your home, you should never forget about your heating and cooling system. To ensure a trouble-free operation and peak performance of your unit, you need to practice regular HVAC maintenance service. It prevents system failure, as well as keeps down your utility cost at the lowest. Below you'll find some of the proven method to maintain your system in best condition.

For Outdoor Units

  • Examine your unit for correct temperature level and make some adjustments whenever necessary.
  • Remove dirt, leaves, and other debris from the inside cabinet
  • Inspect restricted drain openings and clear away any obstructions
  • Clean evaporator coil and cabinet regularly
  • Look for possible damage in the fan motor, fan blades, control box and other related accessories.
  • Probe the compressor and all the associated tubing if there are any tear or damage.

For Indoor Units

  • Change your air filter as often as every month or based on the manufacturer’s recommended replacement. A dirty filter means higher energy consumption as it makes your system works harder than usual.
  • Tune up your HVAC system every season ends or whenever necessary. Larsen HVAC suggests requesting for a professional HVAC repair service in Alpine to catch and detect the problem as early as possible.
  • If possible, install an automated and programmable thermostat in your unit. This is to help program the temperature of your system when not in use or during night time.
  • Seal any leak or openings in your heating and cooling system. This will help improve the efficiency and performance of your unit.
  • Check the vents and ducts if they are working properly. Any problems or issues with it may affect the air flow quality of your system.

Increase the functionality and performance of your heating and cooling unit with these preventative measures. Take time to regularly inspect your system inside-out to resolve further problems before it gets costly.