Regular AC Preventive Maintenance is Worth It

Man Maintaining Air Conditioner

When it comes to everybody’s health, prevention is always better than cure. The same is true for any appliances – ask any service repairmen and they will straightforwardly tell you that preventive maintenance is better than waiting for it to break down and undergo repair.

To maintain a breathable environment inside your house here in Draper, UT, your AC service system needs regular maintenance. Here are the benefits of HVAC preventive maintenance:

Extends Lifecycle

According to HVAC experts and technicians, one of the reasons why HVAC cannot even reach its warranty period is the lack of cleaning and maintenance. Based on their experience, HVAC systems which undergo regular maintenance can easily exceed its warranty period, even continuously run to its optimum condition well over its expected lifecycle.


Preventive maintenance also includes cleaning vital parts of the HVAC system such as the cooling coils and compressor among other components. A clog-free HVAC system can operate to its optimum performance using less energy to operate which means a lower electricity bill.

Air Quality

Do you remember the feeling when you first had your HVAC system installed? A well-maintained HVAC system provides you with the same feeling all over again. While regularly cleaning the filters help clean the air inside your house, there’s a chance hard to reach areas are still dirty. An experienced HVAC technician knows where to find it so your house will have a clean, breathable air that is good for your family.

Stay Away from Costly Repairs

With regular inspection and maintenance, experts can detect and replace damaged parts and components right away. This helps prevent further deterioration which could lead to costly repairs, even replacement of expensive major components of the HVAC system.

If you think that a regular HVAC preventive inspection and maintenance is expensive – it’s not. Remember, the cost of an emergency repair is pricey, even pricier if a non-functioning HVAC system affects the health of your family.