Signs your Air Duct Needs Cleaning

HVAC technician cleaning air duct

Air ducts play an important role in bringing cold or hot air into your room and make you and your family feel comfortable. Thus, it is also important to keep your air ducts well maintained to make sure you get good air flowing in your home.

Once your air ducts are blocked or are not in its optimal condition, it can pose various problems to your home’s cooling system. You can hire air duct cleaning services in Indiana to help you with your problems. But, as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to know when it needs cleaning or repair.

Below are some things to take note of in your air ducts.

A decrease in air quality

If your room temperature is not as cold or as warm as before, and if you feel allergic to the air coming out of your vents, then there might be something wrong with your air ducts. Dirt and blockage can blow out tainted air that will affect the overall air quality in your home.

Unusual sound

There should be no other sound coming from your HVAC system other than the motor. If there are blowing or squeaking sounds, then there might be something blocking the proper flow of air in your system, and this is usually found in the duct.

Dirt build-ups

Cleaning the visible vent cover is not enough. You should also learn to open it from time to time and check for dirt build-ups and debris that can affect your overall air quality and flow.

Molds and mildews

Blocked air causes moisture and moisture cases molds and mildews to form around the vent and other areas in your home.

Pest infestation

Your duct system can be a pest’s huge tunnel and home. Thus, it is important to make sure that it is always clean and free from pest infestation through regular inspection and cleaning.

Be a responsible homeowner and make sure you maintain your ducts well. If you haven’t checked in a long time, today is the day to do so.