Spring is the Busiest Season for Home Improvement Stores

Home DepotTuesday, April 12 – The busiest season for home improvement stores has already begun. The spring season is notorious for bringing in heaps of shoppers to these stores, and items are being offered at largely discounted prices. Stalwarts such as Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sears, see and enjoy the foot traffic.

As it’s the best time for holding big sales, the companies make the most of spring. They recently announced and concluded these sprees, offering a wide array of items, from gardening tools and kitchen appliances to power equipment. While the season is the perfect time to make money, it’s also a period that requires more manpower than usual.

Lowe'sAccording to recent news reports, Lowe’s and Home Depot have hired a combined 126,000 employees to accommodate the springtime shoppers. The two companies are ready and all too glad to welcome customers, and are making the most of it by offering great deals. Lowe’s just ended its Spring Black Friday event on Monday, April 11. Home Depot, on the other hand, will be holding a similar sale on April 18, which also falls on a Monday.

Meanwhile, Sears is putting together an online and in-store shopping experience, with their Meet With An Expert service. This year, they are extending the service to the Lawn and Garden department. The company hopes it will help buyers save time in choosing and shopping for gardening and outdoor items.

Through the free service, customers may schedule appointments with the product experts, and ask about the items they’re interested in taking home. Sears also announced their own spring sale, which will be happening on April 23, Saturday. The company hopes to market their outdoor equipment with the help of the experts and the event.

In general, spring sales are the most successful sale events for home improvement stores. In a matter of days, they can sell out millions of items, which aren’t all that marketable outside of the season. Home Depot, for instance, managed to push 1.3 million lawn mowers ad 47 million vegetable and herb plants during their Spring Black Friday Sale last year.

Recent studies show that spring is the best time for home improvement projects, due to the ideal weather condition that comes with it. Gardening is also best done during the season, as most flowering plant species thrive in spring. It’s no wonder that it’s the busiest season for home improvement shops. And, they have all the reasons to embrace it.