Taking the hard work out of gardening with garden maintenance in Chiswick

Beautiful garden with pond

Maintaining a healthy, thriving garden takes work throughout the year. Each season brings its own challenges, whether its pruning back before winter frost hits or planting out as spring arrives.

Reputable providers of garden maintenance in Chiswick, such as Town & Country Gardens, can make sure all of these year-round tasks get done in a timely fashion.

Let’s take a look at each season’s top ‘to dos’.


Plants and shrubs need protection through the cold winter months. Whether it’s windbreak netting or frost protection fleece, these measures will need checking to ensure they are in good condition for the months ahead. Open-grown apple and pear trees will need pruning. The last of hardy garden crops will need to be harvested too, such as leeks, parsnips and winter cabbage.


It’s time to get planting again, shallots, onions and early potatoes are ideal to start with at this time of year. The lawn will need to be mown and bare patches repaired, while weeds will need to be hoed and mulched to keep them under control as the growing season takes hold.


With the sun coming out, watering plants will become a priority, but it pays to be water-wise by collecting rainwater and grey water where possible. The lawn will need weekly mowing now and summer feed can help it thrive too. The harvest can come in with lettuces, radishes and other salad vegetables. It is also time to get the stakes out to help support tall plants that are starting to flop.


Planting seeds isn’t only a springtime affair. Autumn is when seeds from perennials and hardy annuals can be sown. Ponds should be covered with nets as the leaves start to fall. As the weather cools off, tender plants can be moved to a greenhouse. Apples, pears, grapes and nuts can be harvested and roses should be pruned to prevent windrock.

These tasks are just a selection of the many gardening jobs that may need doing, depending on the size, style, and type of garden in question. Garden maintenance in Chiswick can reduce the burden on garden owners so they can sit back and enjoy the view.