Telltale Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repair

Air Conditioning System in Salt Lake CityAir conditioning units often have warning signs that indicate wear and tear and the need for servicing or repair. It is only natural for Utah residents to turn up their air conditioners to keep cool during the sweltering summer months. While a vast majority are lucky enough to keep the temperatures just right, others are doing wrong. Their equipment malfunctions that require repairs or replacement.

To make the most of their air conditioner, Salt Lake City residents need to keep their units in great condition. This is the reason it’s important to know what signs to watch out for, which can alert you to an impending disaster and save you lots of trouble.

Odd noises

Loud rattling, ticking or buzzing sounds emanating from the air conditioning unit is a clear indicator of a problem. A unit in good working condition cools or warms your house with a quiet efficiency that does not grate your ears or keep you up at night. A noisy sound could be an indicator of a minor problem such as a loose bolt, the need for lubrication or a more severe issue. Rather than take chances, you should have an expert examine the unit and make the necessary repairs.

Sky-high bills

Should you notice a sudden surge in your energy bills without a discernable change in lifestyle, the AC unit could be the culprit. When the unit is faulty, you tend to run it longer than usual to achieve the same results. Broken and leaking parts increase the amount of power you need to keep the house cool. In such cases, retaining the services of a professional rectifies the problem by either replacing worn parts or making the necessary repairs. Replacing older AC units with modern version is a sure way of lowering your utility bills.

Paying close attention to your AC unit alerts you to malfunctions and lets you take corrective actions quickly.