The Perfect Place for a Writer: Building Your Own Writing Area

Writing Area

Writing AreaNot all writers seek silence to be in communion with their muse. Acclaimed novelist and short story writer Stephen King creates his fantasy worlds to the tune of rock music. But all writers seek some solitude, freedom from what they deem as distractions.

Distraction can come in many forms. For King, rock music isn’t one of them. But for others, it is impossible to finish one sentence if Metallica was blaring through the speakers. It is also extremely difficult to focus on your work if you can’t close the door on your family or if your roommate is constantly bugging you.

To create a place that’s perfect for writing, here is some advice:

Find a Separate Room

A separate room with a door you can close — that’s really all you need. But the room cannot be too hot or too cold, and it should also contain the things you need. So make sure it has air conditioning or heating, whichever you need. Place a desk with the right height and a matching chair with enough back support. Then your laptop or typewriter and perhaps a radio or CD player. You should think twice about putting more, such as a television or a game console — you don’t need them for writing and they are huge distractions.

Work Near Nature

A room close to nature is perhaps more inspiring to write in. You can open the windows for some natural ventilation. To keep the sun out, get some fashionable blinds. Blinds and curtains keep too much sun out but let cool air in. They are also important for privacy. Think about using screens on your windows too if you’re worried about bugs.

Work Outdoors

This is another option that’s the total opposite of being inside a room, but see if it works better for you. Some writers would rather work outdoors, provided they can get enough privacy. A beachfront property would be heaven, but if you’re nowhere near the beach, you can just set up on the porch. You could also build a balcony outside your bedroom.

These are some of the perfect setups for writers. Remember, think about what’s best for you before you start building or buying items.