Tips for Garden Landscaping for Fall

garden during fall

There’s a wide range of landscaping designs for fall. These designs incorporate seasonal plants and flowers, taking into account the coming cold winter months. With proper use of resources, commercial landscaping design and services in East Chattanooga can showcase ideas highlighting the colors of autumn.

Cleaning Up the Yard

Autumn is famous for its lovely natural colors when the greens turn to yellow and reds, and blanket the land with fallen leaves. This is the time to clean up the yard and collect the leaves and compost them or use them for mulch.

The mulch provides a cover protecting against soil erosion. It also maintains soil moisture and temperature, and inhibits the growth of weeds. It’s¬†applied to areas around trees, flowerbeds, and vegetable plots.

Removing the leaves from the backyard also helps when mowing the lawn. Keep the grass trimmed and watered, as this will help the lawn get back into shape when spring comes.

Shacks and Buildings

The backyard is a haven and a place for relaxation. Keeping the grounds clean and tidy helps in maintaining the calm demeanor of the backyard space. For larger backyard spaces, other structures are set up to entertain guests. These include gazebos, pergolas, sun rooms, greenhouses, fire pits, and brick ovens.

Proper placement of plants helps highlight these structures. Borders and plant boxes along the path or borders bring bright colors to the garden. Mixed flowering plants, as well as specific shrubs and grasses of different shapes, provide texture and contrast to the scenery.

Backyard structures are useful when entertaining guests, when children play, or with gardening. A sun room attached to the house can be used for most of the year where people can relax and read a book amid year-round plants and flowers.

Landscaping for fall is not hard. It’s important to continue to clean the yard and mulch the plants in preparation for winter and subsequently, for spring. Taking care of a garden in autumn helps make for wonderful growth the following spring.